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Electrical Safety Switch Install

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Saftey Switches protect you and your family from Electric shock.Call Mylec to get your Saftey switch install today and protect the ones you love.All homes are required to have an electrical safety switch there Electrical Board by law and installed when any modification is made to the existing electrical layout.Mylec Brisbane Electrical services provide everything you need to make sure your family is safe from electric harm.

How do they work?

On a normal Electrical circuit, the current flowing to an appliance returns through the neutral wire.If the circuit is compromised the electricity can

leak to earth through a person in contact with the appliance, causing death or serious injury.A safety switch detects the loss of power from the circuit and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 0.003 seconds. Importantly, this response time is faster than the critical section of a heartbeat, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury.

Are they compulsory in Qld?

Electrical Safety switches have been compulsory on the power outlet circuits of new homes.Since the early 1990s, and on light and power circuits of new homes in most states since 2000. Safety Switches provide a higher level of protection against electric shock and have a proven track record of saving lives.If you are living in an older home or apartment call us today.If you are Located on Brisbane Northside or Southside We can come and test your home wiring, your electrical devices, check or install smoke alarms and of course install an emergency kill/shut-off switch to your fuse box.Mylec Electricians Brisbane provide a free quote!

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