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Our skilled technicians are available around the clock, so you can be confident your loved ones and your home will always be protected. We provide quality installations, maintenance, and products in conjunction with an unparalleled service and commitment.

Making sure your smoke alarms are maintained in your home will save you and your family from serious risk.

QLD residents are urged to test their smoke alarms on a regular basis.

Test smoke your alarms

Testing your alarm takes less than 5 minutes and is very easy to do. Simply press the test button to check.The alarm should make a loud noise

Make sure everyone in the house knows what the alarms sound like and what to do when it does go off. The QFES recommend every home has a practiced escape plan.

If your smoke alarm does not work, replace the battery as soon as you can.

If after replacing the battery the smoke alarm is faulty, damaged or expired the device must be replaced with an interconnected, photoelectric system under new legislation.

Battery alarms

We recommend that battery-powered smoke alarms are fitted with a new battery at least once a year.


A yearly service of individual hard-wired or interconnected smoke alarms by a licensed electrician is recommended to ensure the system is powered without faults.

Ongoing maintenance

If your smoke alarm emits a slow, periodic beep this indicates a low battery or a faulty alarm. Replace the battery as soon as you can. If the beep persists the alarm will need to be replaced.

Replacing smoke alarms

Under the new legislation, any damaged, faulty or expired smoke alarms must be replaced by interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms and be installed by a licensed electrician.

For more information on the legislation and how it affects you

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